I often have wondered how do celebrities become famous in fashion when their main jobs are just to act or sing. I realized it’s all about the clothes and accessories that make them even more unreachable but admirable. I also learned formal tiaras are often their “turn-to” when big events occur. So I snooped up information on formal tiaras and celebrities who have worn them.

In 2013, Sienna Miller took the formal tiara challenge with a large one at the Tony Awards. It was gold with a colourful design of flowers and wreaths. She wore her hair up in loose curls. You don’t have to be an awardee to pull off a similar look. I suggested wearing large formal tiaras to my office mates for our events, and they loved the idea of being a princess.

A year later Kirsten Dunst wore a small flowery tiara that looked so soft on a spring day during the Cannes Festival. The golden gems of roses propped her hair pulled up in curls making it a less stiff of a look. You’d like to look for tiara with this look if you have a simple light elegant taste.

Another iconic formal tiara moment was with Kiera Knightley in her UK premiere of Atonement. She looked like a true goddess with a draped white dress and a small scrolled tiara of silver diamonds. It was a simple touch to her gown capturing every camera’s attention.

What else can be as splendid as investing in a formal tiara to wear for your next event? I find it a great opportunity to feel like a celebrity and be of everyone’s attention. You will be able to promote your interests more with a killer look the formal tiara can give.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing

If I visualize myself as my watch, and think that this watch box is as important as the clothes I choose to wear; then I need to get the purchase right. I want a soft and well-crafted watch box that is the perfect shape to fit into my drawer, which is not going to be too obtrusive and jostle for space.


Watch boxes can come in singles or doubles. Doubles can be much easier when travelling or moving house and for transporting many of your valuable, and hopefully insured, watches with you. Doubles can be bought in so many elegant designs, sleek and black like a jaguar. Watch boxes, of both single and double varieties, can be found with transparent lids for easily finding the watch you want at just one glance. This is great for when I  am in a rush, and I want to pick a watch that suits my outfit beautifully. I need a watch that is going to compliment my skin tone, isn’t too heavy on my wrist and blends in well with my outfit.


Watch boxes are a great gift to buy for somebody close to you and it can be a way of smartening their appearance in a subtle way.  Watch boxes can be engraved with a person’s name or moniker, making it a very personalized gift.


Whether a roll, a pouch, or a box in mahogany or leather with a lock, mirror or extra drawers, my watch case need never be dull again.

The Humble Bow Tie

A bow tie paired with a top hat, cufflinks, three-piece suits with shining shoes are representative of the visualization of a gentleman. Maybe you might disagree, as rightfully entitled to, but, it is in my opinion, that gentlemen always seem to appear attractive and better looking when dressed accordingly, or in a variant of a similar taste in style. Tall with perfectly side parted hair neatly combed to show off a symmetrically proportionate face with strong feature, such as a young Marin Landau or Martin Sheen offer semblance to 20th century masculinity. I can only draw sighs reverberated repeatedly by chorus girls in Jody Reynolds’ song “Golden Idol,” as a teenage school girl with the hope of past remembrances of a time filled with certain innocence.

A time when the entire United States of America was not so far long gone into the setting sun of the horizon, and each gender and age group did not, for the most part, pretend to be someone or something they were not. People had a sense of dignity, and were concerned. The family unit was not under constant attack for being inherently evil, as modern day Communistic public schools teach their undergraduate university students in philosophy classes. Many have I yearned for the days of The Christmas Story and the Parker family types to return. Atlas, they too are just another black and white photograph of the family album, of faces consisting of strength, which human beings of this country once so readily possessed.

A History Lesson From BowTieHQ.com.au

What is a Fascinator?

When Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton wore her fascinator for the first time, we all quickly brought this style back.  It had been years since it was a popular style.  It is a headpiece that worn instead of hat, sometimes I refer to it as a fancy headband. However, the fascinator can be dated back to Marie Antoinette, she would decorate hers with ostrich feather and jewels.

Though the practice of wearing a fascinator was dismissed after her, the practice was revived during the early 1900s with the Edwardian period. Though as it always does, fashion changed.  It wasn’t until recent time that the practice came back into fruition.

I’ve never worn one, but I’ve loved the look of them. They are always so glamour and well done on the royals, and royal imitators that I’ve wanted a reason like the Kentucky derby to wear one.

Nowadays, the fascinator is used as cocktail party and formal evening events accessory. Especially since the Duchess wore hers, ladies all over the world has emulated her fashion choice. Many ladies wore pieces to the wedding of Kate to Prince William in April of 2011.

The fascinator is very fancy and fanciful, with other embellishments that include crystals, ribbons that are looped, beads and decorations that will makes a statement.   They will wear a larger than barrette, piece that will have flowers, beads, feather and other objects.  The pieces are attached to the hair by a clip, comb and/or bobby pins.
I hope that the fascinator stays around long enough for me to get one to wear somewhere fancy.

Thanks Tessa from ForeverFascinators.com.au.

The trouble with hammock chairs

After years of waiting, I finally decided to buy my first hammock chair. I do not think I can describe how happy I was to finally be adding a hammock to my own personal paradise. The outdoors is just so exhilarating that this addition would be perfect.

So I hopped online to look at prices and found more than I bargained for. I feel like I have been living under a rock; here I was looking at jumbo hammock chairs and indoor hammock chairs. So I browsed through the various different styles and types hoping to find a hammock. Just a simple hammock that tied to the trees and allowed you to sit back with your coconut cup and read a book or nap. I figured I would just go with the standard hammock, but I would enhance my experience with a jumbo one.

I ordered the hammock and when it came in, I was so excited I could barely get outside fast enough. I ripped open the box and laid the hammock out to put it up. I realized I didn’t have any trees to tie it to. My husband told me to calm down, he left and came back with the materials to hang my new hammock chair. My first attempt to jump in ended in me flipping out and landing flat on my back faster than I could blink. I finally figured out how to get in without flipping out. This was the best decision I ever made, almost.

How I designed the best Masquerade Mask and Costume for my first Masquerade Ball

I had the pleasure of attending my first Masquerade Ball sponsored by my company.  I had never attended a Masquerade Ball and I was quite nervous about attending one because you never know what to wear.  At a Masquerade Ball the partygoers wear unique masks and costumes.  At a Masquerade Ball, you must be very careful what you say to partygoers because you never know who is behind the mask.

I did some research on the internet regarding the type of masks and costumes that are worn at Masquerade Balls.  I found out the first Masquerade Balls occurred in France during the 14th Century during the Louis XIV and Louis XV reign.  The original Masquerade Balls were ways of royalty and the rich to flaunt their wealth.  The Masquerade Balls started in the USA in New Orleans, LA during the 18th Century and 19th Century.  Masquerade Balls were normally given by wealthy families in New Orleans, LA to find mates for their children.

Our company was sponsoring the Masquerade Ball as a way to celebrate our successful year.  The theme for the Masquerade Ball was Creole culture in New Orleans, LA during the 18th and 19th Centuries.  So, I had to pick a Masquerade Mask and Costume to fit that period.  I decided to get some books on Creole culture in New Orleans, LA during the 18th and 19th Centuries.  I decided to design my Masquerade Mask to match a woman of influence.  My Masquerade Mask was designed in pink, red, and black coloring, and my whole costume and mask were beautiful.  I won the award for best Masquerade Mask and best costume.

How I Chose My Son’s First Men’s Tie for His First School Dance?

My son was attending his first school dance in the 1st grade and it was a girl and boy dance.  My son was so excited about attending his first dance because he had a crush on a little girl in his class named Tasha.  Tasha’s mother and I always teased each other about our children having a crush on each other.  My son wanted to wear a suit and wanted to wear a “big man” tie and not a “little boy” tie.  My son let me know that he did want a clip-on tie, but wanted a tie like his daddy wore.

I had to take my son to the same men’s clothing store that his father shops at to select a tie for him.  The men’s clothing store had a great variety of men’s ties for us to choose from and my son was super excited to be able to select his own tie.  My husband came to the store with us to help our son select a tie from the selection of men’s ties the store had available.  Like his father, my son loved men’s ties that were brightly colored and had different designs on it.  The men’s tie that my son chose from the selection of mens ties on tiehq.com.au was a tie with pink background and blue stars on it.  The men’s tie was a great match for my son’s stripped double-breasted blue suit.  My son now has a nice collection of men’s ties.  My son enjoyed himself at the school dance and Tasha let him know he was quite handsome.

Amazing Men’s Wedding Rings

I was helping my best friend find the perfect wedding band for her fiancée; they were getting married in a few months and she was really nervous about finding the perfect band. I reassured her that there are tons of amazing men’s wedding rings out there and that she would undoubtedly find the right one. Of course that didn’t really ease her nervousness so we were out for an entire day shopping for the perfect ring. At first she wanted to go with a simple, thin gold band and although I didn’t think she needed to get anything extra fancy, I suggested something a little less traditional.

I recommended that she think of what would be the perfect ring that would represent the type of man he was- after all, he was going to be wearing this ring for the rest of his life! I let her know that not all aspects of wedding need to be traditional, unless that is just the type of couple you are (which they are certainly not).

We went to a few other stores and she has her eye on a gorgeous tungsten ring, as well as a beautiful platinum band. I think her fiancé will love either one, but of course its up to her. Either way, as much as I love my best friend, I am ready for this wedding to be over. It doesn’t just stop at the wedding rings, don’t even get me started on placements and the wine selection!

Reasons To Buy A Venetian Mask

Although race remains one of “post-racial” America’s hot topics, color distinction is still not the divider that class distinction is. Nothing represents the division of classes like the Venetian mask. If you have never seen, worn, or even know what one is, you’re probably part of the 99%. The absence of a Venetian mask in my closet does not mean I’m poor, but rather, that I may not be ridiculously wealthy. Certain depraved and animalistic impulses are made possible by great wealth. Now don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of uses for Venetian masks. Some of which don’t make me a weirdo at all.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Own a Venetian Mask:

Let’s be honest. It’s the pink elephant in the room whenever I stumble upon a Venetian mask in anyone’s home. The rules, so I’ve heard, of any sex orgy require absolute secrecy. I’m sure they’ve tried to keep next day awkwardness to a minimum in the past without the Venetian masks and learned their lesson. Venetian masks provide freedom from judgmental eyes, and also plausible deniability. The eyes are the windows to the soul, correct? Well, I imagine looking into the soul of a stranger after I’ve known them intimately is easier if I can’t recognize the soul. And it can’t recognize me.

Some of the same principles apply here. Sex may not be the main goal, but plausible deniability is. Nothing has to be done, that’s particularly egregious, but the Venetian masks emphasize the gravity of the secrecy. The whole idea of a secret society is to perform rituals, meeting, initiations, etc. in private, and anonymity puts the “society” above all else. The identity of the person next to me is irrelevant, just as my identity is irrelevant. It only makes sense that I maintain privacy, because it ensures my personal protection, as well as the group. The masks could be ceremonial, or just for show. But that would take all the fun out of having a secret society.